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Thinning Eyelashes? You’re Not Alone!

It is extremely normal for our eyelashes to thin and fall out as we age. This happens for a number of different reasons.

  • One main reason for eyelash hair loss is due to hormonal changes which is completely normal but unfortunately can slow production and growth of eyelashes.
  • As we age, our skin starts to get a little dryer and your eyelashes may lose the ability to retain moisture. Dry eyelashes can lead to thinning or damaged eyelashes.
  • Heredity is another factor in eyelash health. Some people are genetically prone to shed more hair than others. 30 million women in America suffer from this condition called androgenetic alopecia.
  • Medical Conditions relating to the thyroid and immune system that also affect your eyelashes. If you’re noticing sudden hair loss it is wise to have yourself checked out by your doctor to rule out a medical reason for the breakage or loss of your lashes.
  • Rubbing your eyelashes will cause them to break or fall off prematurely. When this happens, it can take longer than normal to grow them back. If you’re an eye rubber, be gentle and keep your hands clean.

What can you do to avoid or reduce eyelash loss or grow back beautiful long lashes? Although the aging process is inevitable, and thinning eyelashes is completely normal as we age, there are a number of ways to retain your eyelashes and your youthful look.

  • A diet that is rich in Vitamins H, E, C and B6 can encourage the growth of your eyelashes and maintain the health of your current lashes by reducing the chances of dry and brittle lashes.
  • Using organic and hypoallergenic makeup causes less damage to your eyelashes than products that are labeled as waterproof. Avoid eyelash curling if possible and always take your eye makeup off before going to bed.
  • Never pull or tug at your eyelashes. 
  • Cosmetic products available at any department stores contain vitamins and moisturizers that can rehydrate the lashes and keep them healthy and strong. These products can also be costly.
  • In more serious cases, false eyelashes or eyelash transplants can be considered.

Our eyelash serum, Fabulashes enhancers and encourages the growth of healthy eyelashes. This essential oil blend, used nightly, helps grow longer, thicker, healthier eye lashes within weeks. In addition, Fabulashes will strengthen and rehydrate your lashes and prevent them from becoming dry and brittle.

Fabulashes is Mid-Michigan Soaps newest and most popular essential oil blend. While department stores sell their products for as much as $100 or more, our product sells for only $15.

Get your order of Fabulashes HERE! 

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Avoid Bug Bites And Stop The Itch!

Mosquitoes are regarded as the deadliest animals on the planet and responsible for the largest numbers of human deaths. Just a few of the disease’s mosquitoes can spread include:

  1. Zika Virus. First found in Africa in the 1940s, this virus has spread to South and Central America.
  2. Malaria. Perhaps one of the most commonly known mosquito-borne diseases.
  3. Yellow Fever. Yellow fever affects approximately 200,000 people per year.
  4. West Nile Virus. Most people who get West Nile virus don’t have any symptoms yet for some, it has proven deadly.
  5. Encephalitis. Mosquitoes can pass on viruses that cause inflammation around your brain and spinal cord and can lead to death or lifelong disabilities.
  6. Chikungunya Virus. Found mostly in the Caribbean and South America and is now spreading to the United States.

Even if these viruses are not worry enough most people are highly allergic to bug bites breaking out in welts, swelling, and itching. It is best to avoid bug bites from the start but don’t use poison.

DEET had been the go to since 1957 and is a major ingredient in most insect repellants, it’s been effective. Unfortunately, continued exposure to DEET, may lead to serious side effects, especially in children. These side effects may include; difficulty in breathing, tremors, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, weakness, headache and even memory loss. To make it worse, these symptoms may not be noticeable until several months or years after exposure.

Here are a few tips on keeping those bug bites to a minimum.

  1. Wear light or neutral colored clothing and avoid brightly colored clothes or floral prints that might make you look like a sweet treat.
  2. Don’t wear scents or perfumed products including deodorants and hair products that attract bugs.
  3. Wear long pants, socks, and boots and tuck your pants into your socks especially in the early morning and evening hours or in wooded areas.
  4. If stung by a bee, leave the area because bees release pheromones that attract other bees to the area after they have bitten someone.
  5. Check for ticks and chigger bites after you’ve been outside.
  6. Use natural bug repellents made from pure essential oils. Bugs don’t care for scents such as catnip, geranium, citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, or peppermint.
  7. “CDC lists oil of lemon eucalyptus as comparable to DEET for mosquitoes” June 2018

If you would like to give all-natural bug spray a try, Mid-Michigan Soaps makes a product that really works.

No synthetic or toxic chemicals, unlike other products. This spray is expected to provide up to 6 hours of protection. It has a fresh, light citrus smell. Will not repel family and friends and can be used safely by everyone in the family, including dogs.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, and Essential Oils; Ylang Ylang, Tamanu, Cedarwood, Catnip, Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Litsea, Arborvitae, Nootka, and Vanilla Bean Absolute.

·  Apply to the legs, arms, and neck before going outdoors.

·  Take on camping trips or outdoor events.

·  Spray around your door, window seals, and tent.

Click Here To Order Yours Now!

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Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

Epsom salt baths can soothe the body, mind and overall mood by relaxing the nervous system, improving skin conditions, and easing joint, muscle and back pain. Epsom salts can help cuts heal faster, treat cold symptoms like congestion, and draw toxins from the body.

Epsom salts have long been known for their healing properties and for treating several ailments. The “salts” and not actually salts at all but a naturally occurring compound containing magnesium and sulfate, both are easily absorbed through the skin. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath is the ideal way to enjoy its many health benefits.

Magnesium can improve muscle and nerve function and reduce inflammation as well as prevent hardening of the arteries. Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin, increasing the magnesium levels in the body.  Magnesium helps to produce a mood-elevating chemical called serotonin. Serotonin creates a feeling of calm and relaxation and can help with sleep and concentration.

Sulfates help flush toxins out of the body, improving the absorption of nutrients and may ease the pain of migraine headaches and menstrual cramps.

Mid-Michigan Soaps makes both Bath Salts and Bath Bombs/Cupcakes containing Epsom Salt. A soaking bath 2 or 3 times a week in either the salts or bombs can become a healing, relaxing and enjoyable part of your life. Both the bath salts and bath bombs contain the highest quality of essentials oils such as peppermint or lavender, which has been shown to improve relaxation and sleep. If you have a chronic health condition, concern or are pregnant, please consult with your physician before using Epsom Salts in your bath.

For more information on Bath Salts or Bath Bombs/Cupcakes, or to order:



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Why You Should Moisturize Every Day!

If you are not moisturizing your skin every day, you are missing out on some important benefits. Both men and women should use a facial moisturizer every day. Why you may be asking; your skin is your first defense against air and water pollutants, and Lifestyle such as stress, poor diet, too much sun can all increase the skins aging process. Healthy skin can also help with your circulation expressly as we get older and the skin gets thinner.

Moisturizing daily will keep your skin feeling softer, prevent dryness, and your skin will be more elastic. When using a moisturizer that has added sun screen, can protect from the harmful rays of the sun. Applying moisturizer as a base before applying makeup, will help makeup last longer and it creates a barrier against chemicals often found in most cosmetics.

Get into the habit! Start by moisturizing the same time each day as part of your routine. After a shower is a great time to moisturize; your skin is damp, and the pores are open to draw the moisturizer deep down into your skin building a healthy base. Try to remember to moisturize every time you wash your hands. Keep moisturizer in your bathroom so it is right there to remind you to use it.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before using moisturizer.

  • Keep your skin clean with natural chemical free moisturizing soaps. Such as Mid-Michigan Soaps coconut oil based soaps.
  • Avoid chemicals, many commercial products are chemical based and only coat your skin. These products do not research down into the skin where the moisture is needed most. 
  • Moisturizing products should not make your skin feel oily, heavy or make you break out. These symptoms can mean your products are harming your skin or you may have an allergy to one or more of the ingredients.  
  • The most expensive moisturizers are not always the best for your skin. A good moisturizer does not need more that 4 – 5 all-natural ingredients.
  • It’s always a good idea to use a moisturizer that contains a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to protect your skin from sun damage.

When it comes to your skin care, always use products that are all natural. Moisturizers made with coconut oil not only helps soften and moistens your skin, they can help treat and improve skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rashes, and psoriasis due to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut oil.

Mid-Michigan Soaps delivers quality organic products that are safe for you and your entire family. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and value. Check out our website for a complete line of products, home and body.

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Thousands of Years of Healing Benefits – Essential Oils

Pre-historic humans 20,000 years ago used plants for their scent and therapeutic benefits, today we call them essential and aromatic oils. These aromatic compounds are found in flowers, roots, trees, seeds, and other plant parts. The essential oils have practical uses as ingredients in food preparation as well as beauty to health products and even spiritual and religious uses. To date, more than 3,000 unique varieties of aromatic essential oil compounds have been identified with endless practical uses.

Essential oils can be used in making safe, organic homemade body lotions, shampoos, deodorants, soaps, shower gels, bath salts, cleaning and other natural products. Essential oils such as cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, pine, thyme, and cajuput are commonly used for inhalation therapy. Citronella, lavender, and peppermint have been shown to act as a natural repellent against mosquitos and other insects. To freshen the air in your home, try using a couple drops of lemon oil in a diffuser. Try a bath bomb made with lavender oil in the bath to de-stress after a long day. 

Essential oils have been used for pain, anxiety, depression, weight loss, digestive problems, sleep and so much more. If you have any questions about essential oils and how they can enhance your life, contact us at Mid-Michigan soaps for more information.

When using essential oils, be sure to also carefully read the safety information for any product you choose to use. The information in the article or on this website is not intended or should be considered as medical advice.

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Why are people switching to organic soap?

Why are people switching to organic soap?

Purchasing commercial, store-bought soaps might be more convenient and less expensive than artisan-made soap products, however, next time you pick up a package of brand-name soap, take a look at the label. If you notice ingredients you are not familiar with, be concerned. These ingredients are not added to the product to be good for your skin; they are there to preserve, add shelf life and make the soap last longer. These chemical additives and preservatives can dry and irritate your skin, especially those who have sensitive skin and young children. For those of us who care about the health, safety and well-being of our families, natural, organic soaps are becoming the clear choice.

Natural soaps are generally more expensive but well worth the price. The ingredients in natural soaps are made with high quality, non-artificial ingredients. They are made by hand, with special care and take longer to produce. When you buy soap from an artesian like Mid-Michigan Soaps, you know the product will be made with all-natural, organic ingredients, contain no artificial ingredients or harsh additives, and have a base of coconut oil, olive oil, or shea butter which provide nourishment for the skin as well as providing deep moisture. The scents used in these natural products come for all-natural sources as well, including essential oils.

The benefits of all-natural soaps include:

  • Round-the-clock moisturization
  • No clogging of pores
  • Providing essential vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A & E
  • Reduces the appearance of scars
  • Smooths out wrinkles and helps to prevent new ones
  • Good for sensitive skin and doesn’t cause irritation
  • Helps skin conditions like eczema

The national brands are increasingly aware of the shift to more healthy and natural products, but buyer, beware.  They may advertise “all natural” on their product labels but it is a good idea to still fully read the product ingredients. You might be surprised.

Switching to natural soap is simply the best way to treat your skin and is available in all kinds of natural fragrances like lavender, lime, orange, spice, peppermint or even unscented if you prefer.

Buying natural soaps from a local artisan is a great way to support small local business.

Contact us here for more products and information.

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Never Buy Laundry Toxic Detergent Again! by, Mid-Michigan Soaps

More and more people are turning to organic cleaning supplies as they become aware of the dangers these products pose to their health as well as the environment. Laundry detergents are one of the worst offenders, yet it’s a product many of us use on a weekly, if not daily, basis. If you think finding an alternative to store bought laundry detergent is too much trouble, consider some of the common ingredients found in laundry detergent. To make it even more confusing, laundry detergents and fabric softeners that claim to be “free” are only free of fragrance and dyes while the other hazardous chemicals remain. Additionally, manufacturers are not required to list all of the ingredients on their packaging. The toxic dangers in these laundry products including dryer sheets and fabric softeners include some of the following:

Fragrance – Everyone loves a fresh smelling laundry and house, however the fragrances used in many products designed to make things smell fresh can be dangerous to humans and pets. Fragrances listed on laundry detergents and dryer sheets can refer to hundreds of different chemicals yet the manufacturers aren’t required to actually list them. Adding fragrance to laundry products don’t make your clothes any cleaner and in fact, can lead to serios health issues including asthma attacks. Products that contain phthalates (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity) have been also been linked to diabetes, obesity, and hormone disruption.

Household Bleach – While bleach does make your whites brighter and remove stains, it is one of the most toxic chemicals in our homes resulting in the majority of household poisonings.  Bleach is so harmful that when required in a work environment, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employees must wear a mask and gloves and that proper ventilation is provided. Chlorine bleach is a corrosive substance that can irritate your eyes, skin and respiratory tract. When combined with other products, the gases created can become life threatening. Bleach has been linked to liver, kidney, lung damage, and breast cancer.

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates (LAB) or (LAS) are often the number one ingredient in laundry detergents. They may also be listed on the product label as anionic surfactants. This product is considered a carcinogen and when produced release toxins into the environment such as benzene (used in plastics, lubricants, rubbers, dyes, detergents, drugs, and pesticides).

Surfactants are a synthetic crude oil product added to laundry detergents to dissolve grease and grime. Also referred to as phenol or naphthas, these chemicals, which are easily absorbed through the skin, have been linked to damage of the mucus membranes and lungs, inflammation, asthma, cancer, central nervous system, blood vessels, heart and kidneys, and even death in some cases. It is also used in Roundup weed killer.

Dioxane is all too common in laundry detergents and is a known carcinogen. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency dioxane is a serious threat to our public water supplies, it is used in Cosmetics, Detergents, and Shampoos.

Phosphates end up in our rivers and lakes, acting as a toxic fertilizer to water systems, stimulating the growth of algae which starves marine life from oxygen. Phosphates were removed from most laundry detergents in the 1970’s yet they are still available. Replacing phosphates with Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid has resoled some of the problems, however, EDTA’s are still highly toxic. Animal testing of EDTA’s have been shown to kill cells and damage DNA. EDTA, like phosphates, do not biodegrade easily and therefore are also a threat to our water systems and environment. Phosphates are also used in soft drinks, soda water, and some flavorings.

Nonylphenol Ethoxylate (NPE) has been banned in Canada and the European Union but can still be found in laundry products, paints, pesticides, personal care products, and plastics in the United States. NPE’s can damage fetal development and physical functions as exposure to this toxic chemical can interference with hormones. Fish and shellfish exposed to NPE’s have been found to develop both male and female sex organs. With the average family in the United States washing as much as 90 pounds of laundry each and every week, the use of toxic laundry detergents and products has become a real concern. Fortunately, there are alternatives to store bought laundry products that can not only keep your family, your pets and the environment safe, but are less costly as well.

You can make your own laundry products with safe household products such as white vinegar and baking soda, and for fragrance, you can add a few drops of a high-quality essential oil. Dryer sheets can also be replaced with wool dryer balls.

You can find recipes for homemade laundry products on the internet or if your too busy to make your own, Companies like Mid-Michigan Soaps can offer you an easy affordable and safe alternative to store bought products.

Web Site

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Stop Using Deodorants!?

In our health conscience society, we are all looking for better ways to protect our health. When it comes to the deodorant or antiperspirant you use, it may be a bit confusing to know which products are safe. The truth is, very few of the over the counter deodorants or antiperspirants are totally safe, especially after prolonged use. In fact, they might not only be dangerous, these products may actually be causing your sweat issues to become worse.

We clearly like to smell good though because sales of deodorants and antiperspirants in the United States alone are over a $3 billion industry, with more than 90% of us using such products on a daily basis. Unfortunately, what you might consider part of your daily hygiene routine may have severe health consequences down the line. The vast majority of these products contain harmful ingredients and many of us aren’t even aware.

When shopping for deodorants and antiperspirants check the labels and if you see any of these ingredients, think twice:

  • Parabens, with common names like methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl are very common ingredients found in deodorants and antiperspirants as well as everyday cosmetic products. Look for products that say “paraben free”. Paraben has been used in products for 70 years and have recently been linked to breast cancer.  Parabens can mimic estrogen, which can be linked to cancer, and disturb the body’s hormonal balance.
  • Silica is a known as a skin irritant, leading to cancer, allergic reactions and immunotoxicity.  Silica is often contaminated with crystalline quartz which is also capable of causing cancer.
  • Aluminum, aluminum chloralhydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex and gly products can act as a plug to your pores which work to prevent the flow of sweat. Aluminum compounds can also be absorbed into the skin, and like parabens, are linked to breast cancer due to their ability to act like estrogen.
  • TalcThe International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), warns consumers that if Talc contains asbestos fibers, it is considered a carcinogen.  Unfortunately, the quantity of asbestiform fibers is not regulated in cosmetic products. Asbestos in talc has been linked to cancer
  • Triclosan is another ingredient to watch out for as it can irritate your skin, cause contact dermatitis and cancer. You have both good and bad bacteria in your body but triclosan doesn’t know the difference, killing both. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers triclosan as a pesticide, and IARC has triclosan listed as a possible carcinogen.
  • Propylene glycol is another commonly found ingredient in deodorants and antiperspirants with health hazards that may include allergic reactions and kidney or liver damage. Propylene glycol is a neurotoxin, which has been linked to kidney and liver damage.
  • Steareth-n, though produced from vegetables, has also been linked to cancer. In the making of deodorants and antiperspirants, it is combined with ethylene oxide, which is a known carcinogen.
  • Fragrances make us smell good, right? True, but they can also cause skin irritation, allergies, toxicity, and are harmful to the environment. Check out some heathy fragrances here!

Most popular deodorants on the shelves today are likely to contain at least one of these harmful ingredients. No one should put their health at risk to smell good. There are plenty of solutions that can work for you that are safe and made with all-natural ingredients. You could even make your own deodorant at home with recipes easily found on the internet.

If you care about your health and don’t have the time or interest to make your own products, or if you’re confused by product labeling, (sometimes “all-natural” doesn’t mean what you think) check out Mid-Michigan Soaps for quality organic products for home and body.


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Safe Sunscreen Alternative

While the summer might be over, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays continue year-round. It is advised by the American Academy of Dermatologists that sun screen with an SPF of 30 be applied daily to prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging.

If you’re mindlessly rubbing sun screen all over your skin, you should be aware of the dangers of sun screen and the harmful chemicals in such products.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), when shopping for sunscreen, you have a pretty good chance of picking a potentially dangerous product. The EWG has evaluated a number of sunscreens that have been both approved and pending by the Food and Drug Administration and found them to contain ingredients with nano-sized molecules that can penetrate the skin. The chemicals in these particles have been shown to affect a person’s hormone receptors and organs and may also cause problems with the thyroid, reproductive, nervous, and immune systems, and cause allergic reactions. cause hyperplasia, skin tumors and create free-radicals that potentially damage DNA. While SPF sunscreen blocks the suns rays, many experts suggest that the risks aren’t worth it and even go as far to claim that blocking the suns rays is responsible for low levels of Vitamin D which may potentially be a cause of skin cancer.

Before buying sunscreen, check the ingredients for harmful chemicals. Ingredients to avoid include retinyl palmitate or retinol, oxybenzone (a synthetic estrogen), octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC), avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate.

Mid-Michigan Soaps delivers high quality all-natural organic products for home and body. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Our sunscreen is an SFP 30, based on the formula we use. Protect your skin naturally. Our products are safe for your entire family.

Our sunscreen ingredients include: Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Zinc Powder, and DōTERRA Essential Oils; Lavender and Frankincense.

For More information about Mid-Michigan Soaps,

check out our website:

Phone us at 586-839-0359

Or Email Ronda at

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Why you need to use Coconut Oil based sunscreen.

Unlike other oils coconut oil provides a natural SPF of approximately 4. SPF 4 may not be much but when blended with zinc oxide it will increase the SPF protection.

Mid-Michigan Soaps makes a superior sunscreen and the difference is obvious. We start with a natural coconut oil and add a “broad-spectrum” zinc oxide to the formula creating a SPF 30*. SPF above 30 offer little noticeable difference in the amount of protection.

The broad-spectrum zinc oxide provides protection from both UVA and UVB light and the coconut oil can block up to 75% UV penetration.

BUT, we do not stop there. We also add in Mango Butter and Shea Butter, which blocks UV light and keeps skin hydrated and Vitamin E, helping to reduce free radicals reducing skin damage.

*Based on formula.